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Liu Observer Volume 13
Liu Observer Volume 13 - With the brand new Neihu branch, the professional faculty team prepares to start anew!

After 8 years in the previous location, we've finally found the perfect place for our Neihu branch, and LEC's professional faculty team prepares to start anew! We are located in the heart of Neihu right at the intersection of Mingquan East Road Section 6 and Chenggong Road Section 2. With the utmost conveniience, the location is only a few blocks away from the Freeway 1, which literally connects the populated Taipei City and the Sijhih District of the New Taipei City. We not only hope that the new location will bring our parents a shorter commute time and a more convenient pickup schedule, we also want to bring the same high quality in our teaching methods to all the students in the Neihu District.
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